June 6

Favorite color

Every color of the rainbow


Funky Skunky


Reading, Writing, and Math


Every teacher

Favorite Food


Arch Nemesis

Katie, Daisy

Favorite Toy


Sara is a smart girl. Daisy and Katie both hate her. They both know she's teacher's pet and they get really jealous. It's revealed that she's Mrs. Chrissa's younger sister so Waffles is her niece which makes her an aunt. Diego seems to have a crush on her but she probably doesn't return his feelings scince she thinks he's annoying but later in the series Deigo asks her out and she says yes. Sara also has a stuffed bunny rabbit she couldn't sleep without but ever since Smartie ate it and threw it up she slept normally without it.

She is voiced by Salina Whiskeyjack in America and Florence Marion in UK.


Sara is a super smart girl many people are jealous with her some people call her the 'teacher's pet'. Katie thinks she's babyish for watching Care Bears instead of horror movies. She first found out Diego liked her in Pre-K when she found a note on the ground and she knew it was a rumor. They almost kissed in the end of the bitty twins Valentines Special but she said good little girls don't kiss.


  • She's three years old.
  • She dated Diego but ditched him later.
  • She's the smartest kid in her class.
  • Sara Is a Little Mommy doll.
  • She may just want to be friends with Diego
  • Daisy may be jealous Diego likes Sara because on their fourth birthday Daisy didn't invite Sara but Diego did