This is a video when Nunya sings the parody of PSY'S Gangnam Style

It created in 8/16/2012

Nunya Gangnam Style01:44

Nunya Gangnam Style


Nunya: (Oppa) Nunya Style! Nunya Style!

People ask me questions so I tell them Nunya Bizness

I don't like to answer so I tell them Nunya Bizness

Peppy: Blanket talks a lot, but I don't care.

Nunya: Nunya Bizness!

Matey thinks I'm crazy, I dont care.

Nunya Bizness!

I don't care! Nunya Nunya Bizness! I don't care! Nunya Nunya Bizness!

I don't care! I don't care! Na Na Na Na Nunya Bizness!

Nunya, Nunya Bizness! So go, why don't you go? Shoo Shoo!

Nunya Bizness, Nunya Bizness, so go, leave me alone!

(Nunya is fade in and out of this world is not an option around the country as she sings)

Oppa Nunya Style!

Pita: Nunya Style!

Op Op Op Op Oppa Nunya Style!

Trinket: Totally Not! haha

Trinket Style! heheheheh

Trinket Style! (3x)

Anti-Nunya Style! (The End of this part is a final)

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