Kitty Life Hobo's Dream Job

Kitty Life Hobo's Dream Job

Hobo's dreaming of getting a job.

First he dreams of getting a massage job and says "I'm owning my num nums, by doing my job.I need to get prepared. Scentsy."

Then he rubs the back of the customer and says "I hope l'm not scratching you because, yeah, my nails are sharp."

He stretches, grunts and says "I'm so strangy Hobo!" Then he slaps the back of the customer, say "Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi! I'm so tired." and wipes his head.

Hobo wakes up and says maybe he'll own an ice-cream shop.

Later that day his paw got stuck on the stair and said "Eeh, my paw's stuck! Wah wah wah!" Then he says "Curse you!" and jumps at AllAboutMeep. She screams and yelled "He was gonna jump right on me!" Her brother said (This is very faint, so if you have good ears, you can hear this.) "No he wasn't." AllAboutMeep screams "Yes, he was!" and the video ends.

Yes I edited this because "maybe" and "Scentsy" is spelled wrong. Like AwesomeTrinket says, USE CORRECT GRAMMAR. -Mintazuii/Malware