Itchy Monday05:14

Itchy Monday

Sypnosis Edit

Daisy brings head lice to Pre-K 2

Publisheed on: March 22, 1945

Views: 47,614

Transcript Edit

Daisy:Daisy's Itchy.Daisy Really Itchy Oh no now Daisy's hair is messed up what the heck daise daise

William:I am so cool.Yeah.William is cool YEAH!

Larry:Why are you talking about yourself

William:Cause I'm Cool like that Larry.Well Luis,Whatever yur name is.Ar yu itchy too? I think its like Itchy Monday

Larry:Larry's always itchy,now larry is even more itchy

William:Calm down dude calm down dats not cool dats not cool

Katie:There is no reason why I am wearing a flower in my hair perky ol me hehehehe




deigo:i think i put a bit to much dandref in my hair

To Be Countined... (You just need to watch the wole video.)

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