The Hermanburger family is a family of baby dolls and they apper in the video The Hermanburger Family Tree. There are 6 members in the family. Patrick Hermanburger is a baby who loves being fat and says that his life helped him lose wieght. Patricia Hermanburger has a pink pacifier in her mouth and has a monkey named Patato. Nepolian Hermanburger has a blue cow and he also has brown hair just like Patrick. Emily Hermanburger is an American Girl doll who has 3 One Direction posters and she hates her life. Saige, a.k.a Mrs Hermanburger, loves her family and wants her kids to be well fed. Toki Doki Hermanburger is a unicorn who apperars at the end of the video. Sarah and Petuina are also related to the Hermanburger Family