Sypnosis Edit

Daisy tries to sell "Dat Smell" But, the sell didn't go well.

Dat Smell02:55

Dat Smell


The video starts out with Daisy saying "Welcome to Daisy's Products. Today on Daisy's Products, I'm gonna show you, an introduction, to my latest progress, products, Mama's what's it called?" AllAboutMeep says to Daisy "Products."

Daisy says "Product. And I call it, Dat Smell." When Daisy says "Dat Smell" you can hear some giggling. AllAboutMeep says to Daisy "Daisy, you breathed too much."

Daisy says "Be quiet, this is my commercial." Afterward, some muttering is heard. "Anyway, on Dat Smell, it has, it just has, Dat Smell. You know Dat Smell?"

"You guys should know should know like, 'What's Dat Smell?' I don't know if you like Dat Smell. I like Dat Smell. I LOVE DAT SMELL. Stop playing dumb, You know Dat Smell."

To be continued.

Note by KananiSaigefavs123,

The reason I edited this is I don't want to see "Pwoduct" on this page. Sorry if you think it's rude, but please, spell correctly. :)

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