Basic stuffEdit

  • Don't block for no reason.
  • Block with a good reason.
  • Just because you're an admin doesn't mean you can abuse it. If you abuse it, your admin will have to be removed. If you still are mean and demand like, "I WANT MY ADMIN BACK YOU F----R (This might be uncensored)! GIMME MY ADMIN BACK YOU SAD LITTLE PIECE OF (Might be uncensored)!" you will have to be blocked.


  • First time: Warning
  • Second time: Block for a day
  • Third time: Block for a week
  • Fourth time: Block for a month
  • Fifth time: Block for a year
  • Sixth time and up: Block forever

Swear wordsEdit

Read here.

Non-related to AllAboutMeepEdit

  • First time: Delete without a word
  • Second time: Warning
  • Third time: Block for a day
  • Fourth time: Block for a week.
  • Fifth and sixth time: Block for a month
  • Seventh time and up: Block forever.

Fanon MeepEdit

First time and up: Deleted

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