Overview:deigo does a spike in his hair to be Spike the Dino,but messes up when he cant do it,so katie and daisy take him to Cutie Kids Haircuts.


(daisy and deigos bedroom)

daisy asks why deigos hair is all spikey so deigo ask why shes all fancy so daisy says shes gonna get a haircut and deigo says he was doing a spike to be like a dinosour so katie says she likes it but daisy says to come get a new haircut.

(cutie kids haircuts)

meep sings the name of the store but  julie says not to film so meep says sorry then sam welcomes daisy and lets her in.

deigo tells sam "sup i am spike" then daisy takes 3 pictures of deigo then deigo looks at all the wall drawings (mario mushroom,pokemon ball.) and sam tells him not to freak out.

deigo is mad that daisy  is in a boy-ish chair and he is in a girly chair so daisy makes the chair more high to tease deigo so deigo goes "sorry sorry" and daisy says to wear a seatbelt but deigo does not know what a seatbelt is.

katie freaks out and leaves after seeing a hair brush.

deigo says hes being choked by the thing around his neck then daisy takes 2 pictures of meep and 3 of deigo but deigo gets scared.

julie comes in and sees the spike on deigos head then deigo says his spike looks like jello.

deigo says not to look like patrick so julie promises she wont do that

the chair goes so high deigo is scared so julie makes it lower and accidently hurts deigo.

daisy says deigo is nervious but deigo does nerv farts.

julie makes deigo even lower then brushes his hair for 5 minutes.

deigo annoys daisy by putting on a tiara then daisy gets mad.

deigo sings and daisy thinks hobo died then takes a picture.

deigo keeps singing then hobo comes to get a haircut in his ears


To view the Bitty Twins First Haircut transcript,click here


daisy retakes a picture but it stays as a teddy bear

deigo was mad that he had to be in the pink chair but he didnt care that the thing around his neck was pink

if you look at the chairs you can clearly see there is no think to move them up/down

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