AllAboutMeep is a Youtuber. She made videos with her favorite Lalaloopsy dolls, Nunya and Pita. She was 10 when she first made her videos on YouTube.

She made her videos YouTube in late 2011-present. She is older now though. She is 16 now.

Her birthday is June 6, 2001 Her mom finally let her say her real name which is Lucy (Lucia)

She was also known for her two famous Bitty Twin characters, Daisy and Diego.

She is currently known to live in Port Richmond, New York. She has not physically stated this her self, however, she has released her zip code on a recent video, thus revealing where her residency is. The video is supposed to be called Waffles' Birthday Party,

Sadly, She stopped making doll videos as of July 2017. But as of Summer 2018 she finally decided to start making them again.